The Hawai‘i Youth Sustainability Challenge


Need project ideas? The Aloha+ Challenge is a statewide commitment to achieve six sustainability goals by 2030. Each sustainability goal of the Aloha+ Challenge has multiple targets, which can drive your conservation/sustainability project ideas. Check out the 6 sustainability goals of the Aloha+ Challenge for problems that you can help us solve. See the dashboard for more details.

Clean Energy Transformation

Renewable energy, greenhouse gas emissions, total energy use, average fuel use, transportation.

Local Food Production and Consumption

Local food production, labor & land resources, distribution, consumption.

Natural Resource Management

Increasing fresh water capacity, watershed forest areas, marine managed areas, invasive species control, native species.

Solid Waste Reduction

Waste reduction, recycling, source reduction, reusing items, waste to energy.

Smart Sustainable Communities

Resilience & disaster, land use, open public green spaces, connection to place, greenhouse gas mitigation.

Green Workforce and Education

Sustainable tourism, 'āina-based education.

Need help getting started? Design Thinking is a useful tool to help get you started on your 2018-2019 HYSC project (hint – start by interviewing people!). Check out Stanford’s to learn more.