An Ode to This Summer

By Jocelyn Grandinetti, HYCC Summer Program participant 


I saw the skies reflected in their eyes

and the grasses bending in the breeze

all grace and ease

rippling under sunshine and dancing trees.


Little did I know,

in that recent time now long ago,

that the ʻāina I would come to love

would not compare to those whose hearts I’d

come to know.


It came on slow, between silly talks and idealistic prose

as we worked beneath the beating sun

catching crayfish together when we were



We worked as one,

sweat forming little streams down our backs

like those that roar down time-etched valleys

leaving fluvial formations in their tracks.


The soundtrack of our summer carried on

as we sung our hearts out to our favorite


those beloved karaoke sessions in the car

struck the heartstrings like a slack-key



We came far,

yet time, that infuriating power,

too soon took us to that final hour

falling like beach-sand through our fingers

and blowing away with the wind.


Yet the feeling lingers

as I watch the ocean undulate beneath the

setting sun.


I know it’s done.

But the memories remain like fading


that cascade like a waterfall behind closed


accumulating in our minds and in our hearts

in an amazing kaleidoscopic work of art

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