21 Dec ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT | Layla Rohde

Did you know that there are thousands of invertebrate species – insects, butterflies, spiders – found only in Hawaiʻi and nowhere else on earth? They evolved here over the millennia and play extremely important roles in native ecosystem function.

Layla Rohde, a second-year Kupu Conservation Leader with the Department of Forestry and Wildlife (DOFAW) Invertebrate Program, helps with the recovery of some of these species.

She has gone to many remote places to look for rare species and has become an expert at raising Kamehameha butterflies, having cared for thousands of them, from tiny caterpillars to full-grown adults. They are then released into the field at suitable sites, sometimes with the help of local students.

She is truly a conservation role model! Mahalo Layla!

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